Forms & Requests

Interlibrary Loan Forms: Request an item not available through CLICnet.

Library Purchase Request Forms: Select the appropriate subject to fill out the appropriate form. A general form is located at the bottom of the page.

Reserves Form: Fill out this form and return it to the library Reference Desk to put items on reserve for a class.

Library Privileges Request Form: Students no longer registered for classes but finishing up their capstone/thesis project can fill out this form to request library privileges in order to complete their work.  Note: This form must be approved by your academic advisor, privileges will not be granted until approval is granted.

Video/DVD Requests: Submit this form to request a video/DVD from a CLIC school that does not allow requests through CLICnet or to schedule a video/DVD from any CLIC school for a future date.


On Tuesday, July 29 and Wednesday, July 30, there will be construction in the library. If you need a quiet space to study or are sensitive to noise, it will be better to plan on using another location on those days.

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