The Library Technology Center provides an environment that condones individual and group learning/research.  The noise policy is designed to promote and enhance this environment.  It is the responsibility of all users of the Library Technology Center to select an area that best fits the activities they wish to pursue so as not to disturb others.

Within the Library Technology Center, areas of study are designated as follows:

Silent Study: The lower level of the library is reserved for quiet study.  No talking is permitted.

Limited Talking: The area designated for limited talking is the main level of the library.  Talking in normal conversational tones is permitted for group work and allows users and library staff to conduct normal library business.

Study Rooms are available on the main level of the library.  There are single person study rooms as well as four group study rooms.  These may be reserved in advance by signing the sheet outside of the study room, or if no one is scheduled, you may use them when they are open.  Please remember that these rooms are not soundproof, so maintain a noise level that is considerate to other library users.

Cell Phones: The use of cell phones in the library may be distracting to others.  We ask that ringers be turned off or turned down while in the Library Technology Center.  Cell phone conversations should be taken outside the library to the Pearson Commons.