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Art & Art History

Use this library guide for researching art and art history.

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Special Problems in Researching Cultures

- Cultures and Time Periods and Movements are not interchangeable. Many cultures can coexist within a time period and a culture can also exist in multiple time periods.

- Watch for spelling variations of the culture you're researching. For example, Inca and Inka are both used in the literature.

- Frequently there is no book dedicated specifically to the art of your culture. A good strategy is to either find a book about your culture (Mayan), or even the general area of your culture (Mesoamerica), and find a section within the larger work that deals specifically with the art of your culture.

- Cultural subdivisions: Often cultures are broken down by time period or geographical area in the literature. When writing about and researching cultures, pay attention to these specifics and be aware of which level you should be focusing on.

Art Periods and Timelines

Find Basic Information About a Culture