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CSP Library   Education - Graduate Studies: Interlibrary Loan

When you can’t find the resources you need at Concordia either online or for a physical item, you can request the item through our partner libraries, which used to be referred to as Interlibrary Loan. Requesting partner items are available to current CSP students, faculty, and staff.

Requesting a Known Item in OneSearch

Found an article in a database that doesn't appear to be available anywhere else? Use the following instructions to submit a request and have that item delivered to you via email:

1. Sign In to OneSearch

Before placing a request, you first need to sign in to OneSearch using your CSP email and password. Within the central yellow bar (under "How to get it"), click "Sign In." Select "CSP students, faculty, and staff" in the new window, and then enter your CSP email and password.


2. Click "Request from another library"

After signing in, click the option to "Request from another library." This will open a set of fields that should be automatically filled in with the item's information. 


3. Verify Item Information and Submit Request

Verify the information is correct. Note that articles are typically sent electronically directly to your email. When finished, check the copyright box and click "Send Request."

Requesting an Item from Scratch in OneSearch

Found a book or article online that's not available at Concordia University Library or a Partner Library?  Use the following instructions to submit your request. 

1. Go to OneSearch and Access the Request Form 

Starting from the Library homepage,, click the "Search" button to enter OneSearch or follow this link to access OneSearch directly. At the top of the page, click the "Request an Item" button.

Screenshot of the OneSearch landing page with an arrow pointing to the Request an Item button at the top of the screen


2. Sign In With Your CSP Credentials

Before placing a request, you must sign in using your CSP email and password. After clicking the "Request an Item" button, select "CSP students, faculty, and staff" in the new window. Then enter your CSP email and password on the login page.

Screenshot of the OneSearch login screen asking to specify whether the user is a CSP student, faculty, or staff


3. Select Resource Type and Enter Information About the Item

Select whether you are requesting a book or an article. Then, fill in some identifying information about the item. The Library will use this information to try and locate a copy of the book. Note that articles are typically sent electronically directly to your email while books are shipped physically to the CSP Library for pickup. To ship books to a different address (i.e. your home address), add a note with your address in the Comments section.

Note: If you are submitting a request for an article, you can use the DOI to auto fill the remaining identifying information

Screenshot of the request form with options to choose whether to request a book or an article and fields to enter identifying information about the item


4. Submit the Request

When finished entering information about the item, scroll down and mark the box next to the Copyright Acknowledgement Statement. Below this section, click "Send Request" to officially submit your request.

That's it! Library staff will review your request, begin the process of locating the item, and arrange to have it sent to you. You will receive an email notifying you that the item is ready for pickup, with a PDF attachment if the item was sent electronically, or if we could not locate a copy at a partner library. If you have any questions, email

Screenshot of the request form section for acknowleging copyright and the submit request button




  • We do not fill partner requests for items that are used as textbooks. Please consult with the Bookstore for these items.
  • You must be affiliated with Concordia University to request partner items.
  • Only distance students (students living outside the Twin Cities metro area) can have requested items mailed to them.

Time & Delivery

Request times can vary depending on the lending library. Articles typically take 1-5 days, and loans can take 3-7 days. Book requests may take up to 2 weeks if from out of state.

Articles are delivered in PDF format to your CSP email address.

Books are available for pick-up at the Circulation Desk. They will be returned to the lender library if not picked up within 2 weeks. Please bring your Concordia ID to check out these items.


You may request a renewal; however, it is at the discretion of the lending institution as to whether a renewal is granted and for how long.

Send your renewal requests to Please include information about the item you wish to renew.