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PhD and EdD in Kinesiology

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Welcome to the library guide for the EdD in Kinesiology. Use the tabs to navigate to different pages. If you have any questions, let me know. I'm happy to help!

Writing a Literature Review

A literature review is a process of analyzing and organizing scholarly literature on a topic. In a literature review you are not establishing your own argument. Instead, you are gathering what has already been written on your topic: synthesizing the arguments, perspectives, or themes and summarizing the sources and how they apply to your research question. 

How to Critique a Journal Article

Types of Journal Articles

Types of Journal Articles

Learn about common types of research papers, including empirical studies; meta-analyses; literature reviews; and replication, theoretical, and methodological articles.

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Presenting Statistics in Text

Presenting Statistics in Text

Learn how to present statistics in the text, including how to implement standards for effective presentation, when to use words versus symbols, and formatting.

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