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OneSearch Guide

Searching in OneSearch

1. Access OneSearch and Enter Search Terms

Starting from the Library website,, find the OneSearch bar in the middle of the page. Or follow this link to access OneSearch directly. Identify the main ideas or topics that you can use as your search terms. For example, if your research question was "What is the impact of social media on bullying?" your search terms could be social media and bullying. Click Search to see results.


2. Use Filters to Focus Your Search

OneSearch searches everything in the Library's collection which can generate an overwhelming number of results. You can use filtering tools built into the search to help narrow down your results, showing what you'd like to see. For instance, if you are only looking for scholarly or peer-reviewed articles, check the "Peer Reviewed Journals" button on the left. Or, if you need articles published within the last few years, you can set a date range within the Publication Date section. 


3. Access Digital Resources

When you find an interesting article or ebook, click on its title to see more details and links to access the PDF version. Depending on the article, you may see one link or several links -- these are all the databases that include the article in their collections. Below the database links, you can also auto-generate a citation and create a permalink to this page for future reference. 


4. Find Books in the Library

If you find a physical book in the Library's collection, it will also include a location for where the book is shelved, also known as its call number. If you have any questions about how to interpret the call number, use the Library's 24/7 chat or ask in-person at the Information Desk on campus.


5. Expand Your Search

If you're not quite finding what you expect to, you can also expand the scope of your search to include items available at other libraries. To search for books at other local libraries, select the box titled, "CSP Library: physical & online" to the right of your search terms and choose "CSP + Partner Libraries" from the drop-down menu. Click the Search icon (magnifying glass) to update your search. To search for articles at other libraries, select the box on the left side of the screen that says, "Include items not available at CSP or other OneSearch libraries." 

For help requesting an article or book not available in the CSP Library, follow these instructions

Video Tutorial