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SSS 110 College Reading


Use the resources on this guide to help you find articles for your weekly assignments. 

Need help finding something? Ask a librarian!

Find Articles Online

Instead of using Google, use the library's online resources and databases to find articles.

Finding articles this way is different than searching via Google but you have access to more resources this way. 

If you need help, ask a librarian and we will be happy to help you navigate these resources.

The following links will take you to the magazine or newspaper within the library's databases. Look for a box that says "Search within publication" or click on a specific date to see all the articles from that issue.

Find Articles in Print Magazines

The library has many print magazines and newspapers you can look through to find your articles. Stop by the library and you'll find the current issues near the front entrance. 

Examples of magazines and newspapers you'll find:

Consumer Reports


Entertainment Weekly

National Geographic

New York Times


Star Tribune