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CSP Library   Library Resources for ENG 156: Intro to Literature: Find Sources

Tips for Finding Articles About Literature

If you have trouble finding sources, try these tips:

  • Try searching a different database or journal. Each one contains different articles.
  • Search for the author's name or the title of one of their works.
  • Also, try searching any of these along with a name or title:
    • Time period or culture of one of the author's books
    • Genre
    • The author's other works
    • Literary elements, i.e. metaphors, plot points, etc.
    • Themes in the work you're researching

Find Articles in Databases

Use these library databases to find articles on your literature topic, on your author, or other information about an author's works. Each database contains different articles so try more than one.

Find Sources in OneSearch


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Video Tutorial: OneSearch Basics