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This guide provides information about the Turning Poing clickers available in the CSP library.

Reserve Clickers

Schedule an Appointment

Click on the Book Device button to check availability and book a set of clickers for a particular time slot.

Set 1 = Original set (Use with TurningPoint 5)
Set 2 = New set (Use with TurningPoint Cloud)

Contact the library reference desk with any questions.


Phone: 651-641-8812

Note for Existing Users

TurningPoint has released a new version of their software to use with the clickers. You can continue to use TurningPoint 5 or choose to move to the new version, TurningPoint Cloud. You cannot go back to TurningPoint 5 once you migrate to TurningPoint Cloud.

  • TurningPoint 5 - Compatible with devices in Set 1.
  • TurningPoint Cloud - Compatible with devices in Set 2. Anonymous polling only.