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The Library provides access to thousands of articles relevant to your research. This includes scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, general interest articles, and articles from news sources.

Most research assignments require you to cite scholarly or peer-reviewed articles. A "scholarly" article is written by an expert for an audience of other experts, researchers, or students. A "peer-reviewed" article is reviewed by the author's peers who are experts in the same field before the article is published.

Search for articles

Use OneSearch to find articles.


Not finding what you're looking for in OneSearch? You may want to try searching in one of our more specific databases. See our Databases page.

Find a specific article

Use our Citation Linker tool to access a specific article. This is helpful when you have a full or partial citation and need to access the full text of the article.

Many articles contain a DOI, which is a unique identifier for that specific article. DOIs are typically formatted like this:


To find an article by DOI, simply search for the DOI number in OneSearch.