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KHS 400: Health Psychology

This guide will help you with your research for KHS 400.

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S. Brewer


Welcome to the library guide for KHS 400: Health Psychology. Use the tabs to navigate to different pages. If you have any questions, let me know. I'm happy to help!

Before You Research - Get an Overview

Before you start searching for sources, it can be helpful to get an overview, background information, on your topic. Try looking up your topic on one of these databases, which contain encyclopedias and other books. Notice key phrases, people, or terms used.

Before You Research - Brainstorm Keywords

After you've looked up background information on your topic and before you start searching for sources, it's important to think of the words you will use to search. We cannot type whole sentences or phrases into library databases. It's best to use only words and short phrases. Watch these videos for more more information on brainstorming and developing keywords.

If you have questions about what keywords to use for your research topic, ask a librarian at CSP.

Video courtesy of McMaster University Libraries