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CSP Library   HIS 121: World History (Saylor): Home

A guide to help students of Prof. Saylor's HIS 121: World History class find background information on CREDO Reference, video clips from Films on Demand, and learn how to evaluate websites.


Welcome to this library guide for HIS 121: World History! This guide serves as a foundation for finding and using resources related to history, specifically those resources that will be most helpful as you complete the assignments for this class. Use the tabs at the side to learn more about where to find background info, videos, and how to figure out if a website meets the standards for college-level research.  

"The Cold War" from

In-Class Library Activity - Spring 2022, 8am

Use this Google doc to keep track of work for your group.

In-Class Library Activity - Spring 2022, 9:45am

Use these Google docs to keep track of your group work.