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HIS 267: Introduction to Latin America (Saylor)

Use this guide to help with your research for Prof. Saylor's HIS 267 class, including finding background info, videos, newspapers, and credible websites

Evaluating Websites

While the library has a large collection of resources available to use, you can also find good information by searching the Web. However, not all websites are good websites. Whereas the resources in the library have been cleared by librarians as sources for quality information, websites you find on Google won't have that assurance. You'll have to do some extra work to make sure the information is worthy for college-level research.  

Librarians have a system for evaluating sources, particularly websites you might find when searching on Google. It's called the CRAAP test. Check these aspects of a source before using it in your paper:

Currency: Was it published recently?
Relevancy: Does it answer part of your research question?
Authority: Can you trust the author's opinion based on their credentials?
Accuracy: Can the claims be confirmed or supported by other research?
Purpose: Was it created in order to research or educate?

If you can answer "no" to any of these questions, it may not be the best source to use.


Below is a collection of websites that should help you get started with your research.  

Video Tutorial

Evaluating Websites can be tricky. Check out this video to see how to go about it in real time: