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APA 7th Edition Guide

Business Report Authored by a Corporation or Non-Profit Organization

Note: For in-text citations, agency names must be spelled out the first time you use them.  However, you can establish an abbreviation in parenthesis and use that for all subsequent references.  For example, if you were referencing the American Nurses Association, you need to write it out for your first use and establish the abbreviation in the parenthesis: American Nurses Association (ANA).  For all subsequent uses, you can just refer to it as ANA.  

References Page Format In-Text Citation

Corporation/Non-Profit. (Year of Publication). Title of report. URL

Target Corporation. (2018). 2018 Annual Report.

With page number:

(Target Corporation, 2018, p. 42)

Without page number:

(Target Corporation, 2018)

Industry Report (IBISWorld)

References Page Format In-Text Citation

Author, A. A. (Year of Publication). Title of Report (IBISWorld Industry Report [Number]). Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

Guattery, M. (2020). Specialty Food Stores in the US (IBISWorld Industry Report 44529). Retrieved from

Without page number:

(Guattery, 2020)

Company Report (Hoover's)

References Page Format In-Text Citation

Author. (Year of Publication). Title of Report. Retrieved from Hoover's database.

D&B Hoover's. (n.d.). Specialty Eateries. Retrieved from Hoover's Database.

Without page number:

(D&B Hoover's, n.d.)