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Marketing Research - General

Citing Sources

APA Citations

Business Citation FAQs

Corporate Author/Government Report
This would include resources such as company annual reports, reports from Hoover’s, IBISWorld, EDGAR, Pew Research Center, or written reports from U.S. Census Bureau or American FactFinder. For tables, such as those from U.S. Census/American FactFinder, see below.

General APA citation format:
Author, A. A, Author, B. B OR Agency. (Date).* Title of work (report, contract, monograph, etc. No. xxx). Retrieved from http://url

Hoover’s Company/Industry Reports
Hoovers, Inc. (n.d.). Specialty Eateries. Retrieved October 3, 2018 from Hoover's Database.

IBISWorld Company/Industry Reports
Kalyani, D. (Dec. 2018). Specialty Food Stores in the US (IBISWorld Industry Reports 44529). Retrieved March 23, 2019 from IBISWorld database. 

Example of an annual report
Johnson & Johnson. (2011) Annual Report 2011. Retrieved from


Tables or Data Sets
General APA citation format:
Agency or author. (Date).* Title of data set or table [Description, e.g. Table]. Retrieved from http://url

U.S. Census Bureau. (2011). Selected Population Profile in the United States, 2011 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates [Table S0201]. Retrieved December 3, 2012 from


*use (n.d.) if no date of publication is given