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Exercise Science

This guide will assist you as you conduct research for your Exercise Science program.

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Apply the CRAAP Test

Check these aspects of a Web site before using it as a source:

Currency: Was it published recently?
Relevancy: Does it answer part of your research question?
Authority: Can you trust the author's opinion based on their credentials?
Accuracy: Can the claims be confirmed or supported by other research?
Purpose: Was it created in order to research or educate?

If you can answer "no" to any of these questions, your Web site failed the CRAAP test.

Using Websites for Research

Searching in the library's databases will generally give you more credible sources than Google. But there are many reliable websites on the internet and this page contains a sampling of credible websites that may be helpful for your research.

Anatomy Web Sites

Statistics Resources

Ergonomics Web Sites

Physical Education Web Sites

Nutritional Science Web Sites

Sports Psychology Web Sites