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CSP Library   HIS 121: World History (Saylor): Finding Videos

A guide to help students of Prof. Saylor's HIS 121: World History class find background information on CREDO Reference, video clips from Films on Demand, and learn how to evaluate websites.

Finding Video Clips

Videos can be a great alternative for finding more information on a topic. The library has access to hundreds of video clips from educational videos and documentaries that provide a nice supplement to your other research. Films on Demand is one of the best places to start. Check it out below:

Below is an example of what you might find when searching Films on Demand. In this case, it is a clip from a longer documentary. A few things to notice:

  • Under the details section, you can find more information about the clip and where it came from
  • At the bottom, click the "Citation" button to produce a quick citation

Note: If you are having trouble finding clips that total ninety minutes, keep in mind you can also use full episodes that include a portion on your topic. This can help you learn more about your topic by placing it in a larger historical context.

Video Tutorial

Still have questions about using Films on Demand? Check out this video tutorial to learn more about how to find video clips related to your topic: