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HRG 570 Legal Environment for Human Resource Leaders

This is guide is meant to help with research for HRG 570: Legal Environment for HR Leaders. Check out where to find legal research and how to search through American Jurisprudence

Pick a Law

If you're unsure where to start or which law to pick, check out these resources: 

  1. Summary of the Major Laws of the Department of Labor 
  2. The Society for Human Resources Management -- includes articles on many topics relating to employment law.

Find Legal Information

Use Nexis Uni to find legal information, including legal cases. 

Find Business Information

Use the following databases to find business cases and information on particular businesses or companies. In these databases, try searching the name of the law or for a particular company. Each time you change your words, you'll find different articles so it's important to try searching a variety of words and phrases.

Find News

Use Proquest US Newsstream to see recent news coverage of the law or business you are researching.