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CSP Library   Library Introduction - Education: Keeping Track of Resources

Methods of Tracking Sources

There are a variety of methods of tracking and storing resources and articles once you find and choose them. I recommend that you develop a system that matches your learning and organizational style and use it consistently. For example, if you are a person that finds technology helpful find a tech tool that matches your needs. If you are a person that prefers low-tech solutions then find a low-tech solution that meets your needs.

Ideas for keeping track of sources:

  • Folders on your computer, flash drive, Google Drive, etc. that include all sources that you've read. You can use subfolders to track items by topic, how you plan to use the item, etc.
  • Google Sheets/Excel document that includes citations for your articles, permalinks to the article in the database, track themes, and notes about useful content and quotations.
  • Physical copies of articles with notes and highlighting, organized in a file system or binder.
  • Citation Manager such as Zotero. Zotero allows you to track sources, keep notes about items, and integrates with Word, and can help with citations.