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CSP Library   MAR 301: Principles of Marketing: Marketing Plan

Use this guide to help with research for MAR 301: Principles of Marketing, including company and industry research and where to go for help with your projects

Industry Analysis

Find more information about specific companies -- including financial data -- and get an idea of what's happening in your industry. A great place to start is the company's website.  Find their mission statement and values that influence their products. Then, take a step back and look at the industry at large, particularly which companies would be considered competitors. 

Use the Library resources list below to help jumpstart your industry analysis research:

Target Market Research

A crucial aspect of your marketing plan is selecting a target market and identifying the characteristics of potential customers. A good place to start is a database like Statista, where you can find data on demographic, psychographic, and geographic trends within your target market. Try also searching for articles about specific characteristics to find research studies or news articles.

Market Trends & News

Article databases, like those listed below, are great places to search for news about your product, company, or other market trends.