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CSP Library   MAR 301: Principles of Marketing: Conducting an Environmental Scan

Use this guide to help with research for MAR 301: Principles of Marketing, including company and industry research and where to go for help with your projects

Conducting an Environmental Scan

Environmental scans are an important part of a company's decision-making process. By looking both internally and externally, management is better equipped to make decisions that will impact the future direction of the company. Pay attention to the following factors, in particular:

  • Social trends -- demographics, culture, etc.
  • Economic trends -- macroeconomic conditions, consumer income, etc.
  • Technology -- changing technology, technology's impact on customer value, etc.
  • Competition -- alternative forms of competition, small business, etc.
  • Regulations and laws -- laws protecting companies, laws impacting marketing, self-regulation, etc.

Company Profiles

Industry Reports

Research Specific Trends

These databases include articles on topics related to business and marketing. Search here for specific trends or company news to help with your environmental scan: