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CSP Library   MUS 860/960 Voice: Begin Your Research

Begin Your Research

Use the Oxford Music Online to find background information about topics in music. This can serve as a good introduction to a new topic.

Reference Books

These general reference works include many articles about music and musicians.  There are many additional reference resources which are specific to music genres, eras, etc.  Browse the 780 section for books related to music.

Dewey Decimal Classification for Music

  • 780 Music
  • 781  General principles & musical forms
  • 782  Vocal music
  • 783  Music for single voices The voice
  • 784  Instruments & Instrumental ensembles
  • 785  Chamber music
  • 786  Keyboard & other instruments
  • 787  Stringed instruments (Chordophones)
  • 788  Wind instruments (Aerophones)