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News and Newspapers

Blocked by a paywall trying to read an online newspaper article? The library can help! Check out one of our newspaper databases and get the news and analysis you need.

Identifying Bias

Knowing what's quality information and what's not is a challenge, even more so now that so much information is online. It's important to remember that all news has an element of bias. Journalists will naturally and unwittingly choose to include certain pieces of information and leave out others, creating a story that is unique to their style and experience.  

In some cases, news publications have a clear agenda and will choose to only cover or report information that falls into certain categories. In others, you can read a more balanced spread of news that covers a wide array of perspectives. Knowing the context of an article can help you determine how you use it. As you read pay attention to a few characteristics that may hint at an overly biased news article:

  • Word Choice
  • Tone
  • Omission of Facts

If you notice a journalist using extravagant words, a non-objective tone, or selectively using facts to prove a point, look elsewhere for your news.

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