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Types of Sources

What are Seminal Articles?

Seminal articles -- also known as landmark or classic articles -- are sources that made a large impact within a particular discipline and continue to be referenced in current research. These articles often presented new ideas when they were published and influenced a major change in thinking within the discipline. 

Finding Seminal Articles in ProQuest Databases

While searching in ProQuest databases, be sure to note the number of times scholarly articles have been cited by others. In general, seminal articles will be cited by many others as current scholars continue to discuss the ideas. Click on the Cited by button beneath each article to see a list of all articles that cite that article (see below). 

Finding Seminal Articles in Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great place to search across many disciplines by searching for articles, books, and theses. When looking at your results in Google Scholar, look for the Cited by link below each result to see how many times that resource has been cited by others. Note how the third article in the image below has been cited far more than the other two articles. The 4,000+ times it has been cited might indicate that it is a seminal article.