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CSP Library   Theatre Research Guide: Find Books



Books in the Library

Browsing Theatre Books

If you are doing theatre research, you are probably looking for plays or scripts, books on the technical aspects of theatre, or information on musical theatre.  Our library has all of these, but they are all found in different parts of the library's collection.  You can browse the collection or use CLICnet (link below or search box to the left) to do a specific search.  Our library uses the Dewey Decimal system to catalog books.

  • Technical books are found in the 792s. This is where you'll find books on stage lighting, sound design, costume design, etc.
  • Books on musical theatre are found in the 782s.
  • Scripts, short plays or monologues, and plays will usually be found in the 800s (808s, 812s, 8X2s [ex. 822, 842, etc.]).  It's best to do a search by author or title.

Books can be found in both the Reference & Main collections. Reference books are located on the main level of the library. Circulating books are located on the lower level of the library.

How do I find books in OneSearch?

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