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ITM 525: Managing Technology Teams

Use this guide to help with your research for ITM 525

Great Places to Start

Below are a selection of databases -- collections of articles on different topics. They are well-organized and filled primarily with scholarly sources, meaning they are a great place to go when doing research.  

Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals

Peer Review is the process that allows readers and other researchers (like yourself) to judge whether a journal article has been deemed credible by the academic community. Before an article is published in a journal it goes through a series of edits by anonymous scholars who study the same topics to ensure the information is correct, the author(s) have done proper research, and the information is free from bias. While this does not mean that every peer-reviewed article is "True,"  you can rest easy that others have read it and are willing to stand behind its credibility.  

In short, when you find an article that is peer-reviewed, you can feel confident using it for your assignments. Check out a few examples of peer-reviewed journals available through the library: