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Kinesiology & Exercise Science: After Graduation

Available Resources

Many of the databases you will use for research at CSP are paid for by the library for you to use only when you are a student. However, doing research after graduation is still possible! For example, many hospitals and health facilities have their own libraries. You can also use your local public library. Even if these libraries do not have everything you need, they often offer interlibrary loan services.

Here are some online resources that will remain accessible to you:

Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM)

ELM Databases are a collection of databases available to Minnesota residents. State and federal tax dollars have paid for only Minnesota residents to use ELM, and the vendors from whom we license the ELM content need to know that you are a MN resident. You may be prompted for a current, valid library card to authenticate your status as a Minnesota resident.

Other States' Electronic Libraries

Here are a handful of links to other states' public libraries' resources.  If your state is not listed, check out this website to find your local public library.