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Email Your Paper

Email Your Paper

Email your paper to from your CSP email, and a peer tutor will review it and provide feedback. Send assignments as a Word or Google document with editing access. Please include assignment instructions if applicable.

Writing tutors will provide feedback on different mechanics of writing, including structure, clarity, grammar, citation help, and more. Turnaround time is 24 hours, Monday-Friday.

Email Guidelines

  • Papers 8 pages or less will be reviewed within 24 business hours. Any paper longer than 8 pages may require longer than 24 hours.
  • Tutors will not go through the same paper in different formats. Please send your paper in the format you want to receive comments on.
  • Tutors will not go through the same paper more than twice. 
  • Tutors will go through papers whether or not assignment instructions are provided. Tutors will not go through a paper a second time if assignment instructions are forgotten in the initial email.