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CSP Library   Tutoring & Writing Support: Tutoring/Writing Home

Tutoring options

Peer Tutoring and Writing Support

Peer tutoring

Concordia offers course-specific tutoring provided by peer tutors who have successfully completed similar coursework. Peer tutoring is offered virtually or in person by appointment.

Writing support is available by appointment and during drop-in hours for any writing-focused assignment. Peer writing support is provided by students who are proficient in writing, grammar, and citation help.

Note: For a help with a writing assignment, please select "Writing" instead of the specific class.

Schedule a peer support session here

Email your paper

Email your paper to from your CSP email, and a peer tutor will review it and provide feedback. Send assignments as a Word or Google document with editing access and include assignment instructions if applicable.

Writing tutors will provide feedback on different mechanics of writing, including structure, clarity, grammar, citation help, and more. Turnaround time is 24 hours, Monday-Friday.

(Visit our Writing Center Guidelines page to learn more about submitting postgraduate papers.)

Brainfuse 24/7 Chat and Writing Lab

24/7 online chat tutoring

Brainfuse online chat tutoring is provided by professional tutors available online 24/7. Students are limited to 20 hours of tutoring each month. Brainfuse offers access to help in most subjects offered at Concordia, from economics to philosophy, nursing to Adobe, and more.

24/7 Writing Lab

Students can also submit their papers and assignment instructions to Brainfuse’s online writing lab. A professional writing tutor will respond with comments within 24 hours. In addition, any writing questions can be directed to the chat portion of Brainfuse under “English.”

Access Brainfuse here

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