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Zotero Guide

Zotero Guide

Inserting In-Text Citations

Zotero's plug-in for Microsoft Word allows you to insert in-text citations directly from Zotero.  Zotero will automatically format your citations according to the style guidelines of your choice and keep track of which ones you use in order to generate a "References" or "Works Cited" page when you are finished.

Find more info here about Zotero plug-ins for other word processors, including LibreOffice and Google Docs.

Inserting In-Text Citations with Zotero

1. Open the Zotero 5.0 Client.

2. In Microsoft Word, select the "Zotero" tab and click "Add/Edit Citation:"

2. Select your citation style format from the menu when prompted (you will only need to do this once):

3. A Zotero search bar will pop up.  You can use this to search for the article you would like to cite by author or title.  Typing either will bring up a list of associated articles.  Select the one that you would like to cite:

4.  Once you select the article, you will see a preview of the formatted citation in the search bar.  If necessary, double click the citation to insert a page number:

5. When your citation looks good, press "Enter" and your citation will be inserted into Word wherever your courser is located:

Inserting Multi-Author In-Text Citations

1. If you need to include multiple sources in a single citation, simply search each one at a time in the Zotero Search Bar, separating them by a space:

2. When it looks good, press enter to insert your citation:

Generating Bibliographies

When you are finished writing, Zotero can generate an auto-formated "References" or "Works Cited" page based only on the sources that you used in your essay.

Creating "References" and "Works Cited" Pages with Zotero

1.  Under the Zotero tab in Microsoft Word, click on the "Add/Edit Bibliography" button:

2.  A pre-formated list of references will be generated based on the author, title, publisher, and etc. information for each of your sources in Zotero.  Note: if this information is incorrect in Zotero, it will be incorrect here, so always make certain that your sources have correct information when you import them: