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MBA 594: Mastery of Future Industry

Market Research

Market research is the process of gathering information about potential customers, essentially helping to answer the question, "Who buys what, and why?" A great starting point is a market research report, which includes data and analysis to give you a head-start. 

Access Mintel below to search for market research reports and consumer data.

What to Find in Mintel

Use Mintel to find different kinds of information, including: 

Market Research Reports

  • Longer reports filled with analysis and data
  • Deep dive into consumer demographics and tendencies based on extensive polling and data collection
  • Learn about opportunities or limitations for products or services to guide decision-making
    • How to market to different generations or socioeconomic groups

Mintel report about pizza in the US


Insight Articles

  • Shorter articles about specific topics

Mintel Insight article about mobile charging ports for electirc vehicles


Interactive Databooks

  • Collections of data on a topic, such as polls, surveys

Mintel databook on electric vehicles