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How to Find Christian Education Materials

Help with Citations

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Keywords and Search Terms

Use keywords - or search terms to find a topic, content area, or age group. Try mixing and matching different search terms to find different results.

For example:

  • Catechism
  • Day School, Sunday School
  • Christian Classrooms
  • Communion
  • Adult, Teen Bible Study
  • Christian Education

Find Curriculum Resources

Enter keywords - or search terms for your topic (e.g. Confirmation, Bible Study, Science).

  • Use filters to focus your search results:
    • Limit to Physical items@CSP to find print materials in the CSP Library.
    • Limit by Collection  (e.g. Curriculum Collection, Curriculum -Resources, Juvenile Nonfiction, etc.) Use as many filters as needed. 


Shows finding curriculum materials in One Search

Find Children's Books and Bible Stories

Tips for finding Children's Books:

  • Search by a book's title or you can use keywords (e.g. Jonah, Bible stories, Prayer, etc.)
  • Select Books from the menu on the left side.
  • Limit by Collection  (e.g. Picture Books, Juvenile Nonfiction, etc.) Use as many filters as needed to find children/juvenile age-based books. 

More Tips:

  • Children's books that retell Bible stories or are about Bible history are located in Juvenile Nonfiction. 
  • Children's books that tell stories about Christian or religious topics are located in Juvenile-Picture Books and Juvenile-Fiction.
  • The word Juvenile is used like a tag to find children's books. You can use it as a keyword along with your topic keyword. For example, Easter Juvenile.

Shows an example search in One Search for children's books on Jonah.

Shows collection filters to limit a search to juvenile picture books.

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