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PhD and EdD in Kinesiology

Search with MeSH Headings

MeSH stands for Medical Subject Headings. MeSH is the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus, used for indexing articles for the MEDLINE®/PubMED® database. Each article citation is associated with a set of MeSH terms that describe the content of the article.

MeSH is the language National Library of Medicine indexers use to create tags for citations in MEDLINE and/or PubMed. If you can find the official entry terms instead of using keyword searching, you can focus your search and find better citations.

Using the "Get It" Button

Get It Icon

The Get It button appears when full-text is not available in a particular database. Click the button to search for the full text in the rest of the CSP Library's databases. If full-text is available, you will be provided with a link. If not, you can choose to submit a "Request from another library". We provide more information on how to request partner items on our website. 

Finding the Full-Text of an Article

Sometimes you will find a citation for an article and need to find the full text. Sometimes you only have part of a citation and want to find the full text.

Use these ideas to find the full text of an article.

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