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Sport Management, Coaching, and Athletic Administration

Company and Industry Reports

Researching an industry gives you a big-picture view of a company and its competition. A great starting point is an industry report, which includes data and analysis to help answer questions about emerging trends, growth opportunities, and operating conditions. 

Company research helps you better understand a company's financials, product lines, and business strategy.

How to Find Data and Statistics

Searching for data or statistics is different from searching for articles or other sources. Rather than thinking about what keywords to use, you'll have to think about who would have collected the data you are looking for, what they wanted to know, and what topics that information fits under. You may have to look around on a few websites before you find what you are looking for. 

Once you locate a government or research organization website that has data related to your question, you'll probably need to navigate through that website's topics to locate the specific information you need. Remember to keep looking if what you need is not in the first place you check. You might have to use related data to discuss you question if your perfect statistic is not available. 

Data and Statistics Sources