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THL 125: Introduction to the Bible

For Your Signature Assignment

Use the resources on this page for your THL 125 Signature Assignment. This page contains a number of library ebooks that will help you learn more about your chosen Bible passage. Within these books, you can

  • Browse the table of contents and select a specific chapter or verse
  • Search for a person, place, or passage

If you need help navigating these resources, ask a librarian!

Look Up Bible Passages in Study Bibles

Study Bibles contain notes with many of the verses. These notes provide context, reflections, and additional information. Many study Bibles also contain short essays on key Bible figures, events, and places. The following list of ebooks are all study Bibles you can use for your assignments.

If you need help finding a passage or navigating an ebook, ask a librarian and we'll be happy to help!

Look Up Bible Passages in Bible Commentaries and Dictionaries

Bible commentaries and dictionaries are books that have additional information about scripture. They don't contain the actual Biblical texts. Instead, you can look up verses, phrases, people, places, etc., to get more information on your chosen Bible passage.

If you need help navigating the following ebooks, ask a librarian, and we'll be happy to help!