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Basic Search Techniques

Get started with your research for class projects and research papers.

Use Reference Pages

  • When you find a relevant article -- before going back to searching -- look at the article's works cited page or bibliography to see a list of the articles the author(s) used to write the paper
    • Chances are, if the original paper is relevant to you, the articles referenced by the authors will also be relevant. 
  • To quickly check if you have access to any of the references, copy and paste the title into OneSearch
  • If you find an article that isn't available through the library, you can Request a Copy or contact a librarian for assistance.

Generate a Citation

  • Many library databases have a built-in citation generator tool that quickly generates a citation
  • After clicking on the title of an article to see a more detailed view, look for a "Cite" button
    • For EBSCO databases (first screenshot), look on the right panel
    • For ProQuest databases (second screenshot), look in the top-right corner
  • After getting the citation, copy a Permalink to the article.
    • Permalinks are more stable than copying the URL bar in your browser and won't time out, ensuring you can return to the database page later
    • Learn more about permalinks and how to generate them by reading our Permalink guide