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Advanced Search Techniques

Use these techniques to expand your search strategies.

What is a Permalink?

Permalink is short for “permanent link” and is a URL that links to a specific article. Permalinks are sometimes called “stable links” because they take the user to the intended webpage or article even after an extended period of time.

Why should I use a permalink?

Most library databases are dynamic, and the URL listed at the top of the article page is created for a specific moment of viewing. A permalink provides a continual connection to the intended webpage or article that you can return to in the future.

Not sure how to find a permalink? Ask a librarian and we'll be happy to help!

Find a Permalink in OneSearch

  1. When viewing an item in OneSearch, scroll down to the “Cite and Share” section of the page below the list of database links

  2. Click on the “Permalink” button

  3. A new box will open. Copy the permalink that is created.


Find a Permalink in Proquest Databases

  1. On the item’s record page, click on the “All Options” button in the top right corner

  2. A box called “All Save & Export Options” will appear

  3. Copy the link at the top of the box, next to the link icon

proquest permalink screenshot


Find a Permalink in Ebsco Databases

  1. When viewing an item, look on the right-hand side for the permalink button

  2. Click on the “Permalink” button

  3. Copy the permalink that is created (located above the article title)

ebsco permalink