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Advanced Search Techniques

Use these techniques to expand your search strategies.

Finding the Full-Text of an Article

Sometimes you will find a citation for an article and need to find the full text. Sometimes you only have part of a citation and want to find the full text.

Use these ideas to find the full text of an article.

Search OneSearch

The easiest option is first to try searching in OneSearch, the library's main search tool.



Bradshaw, C. P., Koth, C. W., Bevans, K. B., Ialongo, N., & Leaf, P. J. (2008). The impact of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) on the organizational health of elementary schools. School Psychology Quarterly, 23(4), 462–473.


  1. Go to the library's homepage
  2. Copy and paste the article title into OneSearch
    • Don't paste the entire citation - this confuses the search
  3. If the library has the article, it will be near the top of the results

screenshot of article title search in onesearch

Search the Journal

You can also search within a journal if you don't find the article in OneSearch.

Use Journal Search to see which databases have a specific journal title. Once you are on the journal page in a database, you can search for the article.



Garcia, O., & Sylvan, C. E. (2011). Pedagogies and Practices in Multilingual Classrooms: Singularities in Pluralities. The Modern Language Journal (Boulder, Colo.)95(3), 385–400.


  1. Go to the library's homepage
  2. Search for the journal title: The Modern Language Journal
  3. If the library has the journal in our collection, it will be at the top of the results
  4. Click on the journal to see which databases have the journal
  5. Click on one of the databases
  6. In the database, you have two options:
    • Look for a "search within publication" box and search for the title of the article or the author's name
    • Browse by issue and select the issue that contains the article you are looking for


Request the Article From InterLibrary Loan (ILL)