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Country Reports

An essential part of conducting business in a foreign country is understanding the customs, opportunities, and challenges of working across cultures. Country reports provide information on the state of the economy, political system, business regulations, and customs with specific countries that can help improve your business' decision-making process. Access these reports below:

Accessing Country Reports

1. Find reports for each country

  • Either click directly on the country within the map, or select it from the list on the right side


2. Use the tabs within a country report to access different topics and data

  • Find information on population growth, negotiation style, GDP, government structure, and security notifications for travelers


3. Be sure to check out the "Business Culture" section to learn more about general expectations and trends when dealing with people in the country

  • This section is especially useful to help you prepare for interacting with people in different countries so you and your business make a good impression and improve your chance of success
  • In particular, pay attention to the "Negotiating" section to learn about cultural tendencies -- such as communication style, whether establishing a relationship is a priority, and the importance of punctuality -- all rated on a scale of one-to-five.


4. Auto-generate a citation by using the "Cite This Document" button