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Education (MA)

What are Qualitative and Quantitative studies?

Use Keywords to Find Articles by Methodology

You can add keywords for the type of methodology to your search terms. If you have a particular research method in mind (e.g. survey, case study, etc.), you can include keywords to describe it in your search.

For example:

  • reading comprehension, intervention, qualitative
  • reading comprehension, case study

Start your search by entering keywords for your topic and then add a keyword for the methodology.

Possible keywords:

  • qualitative
  • quantitative
  • case study
  • interview
  • field study
  • ethnographic
  • experimental
  • mixed-methods
  • statistic
  • correlation.

A database search for keywords reading comprehension intervention qualitative research

Example search in ERIC for reading comprehension, intervention, and qualitative research

Use the keyword case study as a search term in One Search

Example search in OneSearch for: reading comprehension, intervention, and case study

Use ProQuest Education: Methodology Search

ProQuest Education & Psychology Combined is a database that allows you to search for a specific type of methodology using the Methodology Filter.

  • Broad searches may work better. While there is an overlap between psychology and education, it is a more limited pool of journal article content that you are searching.

Tips for ProQuest Education

1. Start your search by entering keywords for your topic and then select a specific methodology.

Many databases allow you to search and limit by specific methodologies. Look for a Methodology Filter in the database using the Advanced Search page. 

Screenshot of a database search using the methodology filter in the database

2. OR, Filter the results by methodology after you see the results from a keyword search.

Screenshot showing the database search results and methodology filter

Tips for using the Methodology filter:

  • Search by one methodology at a time. Then, within your same search, change the methodology filter to the next method you want so you get different results.
  • Some methodologies are rarely used for certain research topics. You may need to broaden your search to find a study that uses your preferred methodology. 
  • Many articles and dissertations include methodology terms in the abstract or title. It's a good idea to look at the methodology section in the full text to be sure the example fits your research needs.