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Education (MA)

Keywords and Search Terms

Searching in the library's resources depends on the keywords - or search terms - you use. Instead of searching for a whole question or sentence, break your topic into keywords. Mix and match different combinations of keywords to get different results when searching. Also, think of similar or related terms you can search for.

For example:

How does online bullying impact adolescent students?

Possible keyword combinations:

  • Bullying AND Online
  • Bullying AND Online AND Adolescent
  • Bullying AND (Online OR Social Media)
  • Bullying AND (Adolescent OR Teenager OR High School OR Secondary)

Possible similar or related terms:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Harassment

Capstone Research Examples

Find Graduate Teacher Education Capstone Examples:

1. Select the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences to expand options.

2. Click on Graduate Teacher Education. You can browse by year.

Note: You can use the search box (on the left side) to search for topics. Simple topic keywords such as Trauma Informed, early childhood, etc. work best as a DigitalCommons@CSP search is more limited than a database search. 

Basic and Advanced Research Tips

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