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Forensic Behavioral Health (HSV)

How to Find Specific Court Cases

The easiest way to find a specific court case and read the legal language of it, is to search Google Scholar.

Below the Google Scholar search box, you can select "Case Law" and select "United States" or a specific state.

After selecting these options, search for the court case, number, or names of those involved.


Additional sites that may be helpful for finding court cases and other information:

How to Find Court Cases in the News

High-profile court cases may be covered in local or national news. Try searching for the key defendant or prosecutors' names in the library's newspaper databases. Once in a database you can also search for specific newspapers or regions to narrow your search.

Tips for Finding News in Databases

Searching for newspaper articles in library databases is different from looking at news websites. 

Library databases contain the "paper of record," -- which may differ from the articles you see on the newspapers' websites. 

If you see an article online and want to find the full text in the library, you may need to search multiple ways:

  • Article title
  • Article author
  • Browse by date
  • Look at articles from several dates