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Mendeley Guide

Reading Articles in Mendeley

When you important a citation into Mendeley, you can also import a PDF version of the article. By reading the article in Mendeley, you can easily take notes, highlight important text, and search for keywords.

Open the Mendeley application, and right click the article you want to read. Select "Open File."

Taking Notes

To make a general note:

  1. Click on the article you want to make a note about. You can create a general note from the main screen, or from the PDF. To open, double-click, or right click and select "Open File."
  2. Click "Notes" in the right-hand toolbar.
  3. Type in your note.

To make a note in a specific location:

  1. Click the place in the text where you want to make the note.
  2. Type in your note. It will now be included in the right taskbar under Notes. (If you click on the note here, it will show you where the note is in the text.)


There are two options for selecting what you want to highlight. For most articles, you can use either option. However, some PDF files are scans of the original text document. They are effectively a picture of the text. To highlight these articles, you will need to use the Highlight Rectangle option.

After you've select which option you want to use, click and drag to highlight the text. You can then right click to add a note, change the color of the highlight, or copy the text.