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OneSearch Guide

Learn how to effectively search and use the library's OneSearch tool.

Searching in OneSearch

OneSearch is a good place to start your research. Use this search box to find books, peer-reviewed articles, videos, and more. After you search, you can use filters to narrow your search.

OneSearch Video Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to search OneSearch more effectively.

Searching in OneSearch

1. Access OneSearch and Enter Search Terms

Starting from the Library website,, find the OneSearch bar in the middle of the page. Or follow this link to access OneSearch directly. Identify the main ideas or topics that you can use as your search terms. For example, if your research question was "What is the impact of social media on bullying?" your search terms could be social media and bullying. Click Search to see results.

Screenshot of the CSP Library homepage, with the search terms "Social media bullying" entered into the OneSearch bar


2. Use Filters to Focus Your Search

OneSearch searches everything in the Library's collection which can generate an overwhelming number of results. You can use filtering tools built into the search to help narrow down your results, showing what you'd like to see. For instance, if you are only looking for scholarly or peer-reviewed articles, check the "Peer Reviewed Journals" button on the left. Or, if you need articles published within the last few years, you can set a date range within the Publication Date section. 

Screenshot of a search in OneSearch where the options to filter to "Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Articles" and by publication date are highlighted


3. Access Digital Resources

OneSearch defaults to searching just the CSP Library's electronic collection of articles and ebooks. Quickly access resources by clicking the link below each item -- "Download PDF" or "View Online." You will be taken directly to the resource in a database collection.

If the CSP Library does not have access to an item, you will see "Request from another library," which will begin the process of placing a request for accessing the item from another library. For more information on placing a request, see the "Request an Item" pages on this guide.

Screenshot of a search in OneSearch where the links to access the materials are highlighted


4. Find Books in the Library

Switch to view only the Library's print collection by clicking the dropdown menu to the right of the main search bar and selecting Physical Items. If you find a physical book in the Library's collection, it will include a location for where the book is shelved, including a call number. If you have any questions about reading the call number, use the Library's 24/7 chat or ask in person at the Information Desk on campus.

Screenshot of a search in OneSearch for Physical Items only


5. Generate a Citation or Permalink

Use the tool buttons in OneSearch to quickly generate a citation or a permalink. Tools are visible from the results page as well as on each item more detailed info page. 

Screenshot of a search in OneSearch with the tools bar, including the citation and permalink buttons, highlighted

Screenshot of an article's details page with the tools bar highlighted