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OneSearch Guide

Signing into Your OneSearch Account

Signing into your OneSearch accounts lets you manage the items you currently have checked out and track any current requests. You can also favorite specific items to come back to later or save entire searches to quickly jump back into your research. 

1. In OneSearch, click "Sign In" at the top-right of the page


2. Select the option for "CSP Students, Faculty, and Staff"


3. Enter your CSP Email and Password and click Sign In

Managing Your Account

After logging into OneSearch, you can manage your account, including viewing and renewing items you have checked out and tracking any current requests. 

1. After logging into your account, click your name at the top right to open the menu


2. To manage the items currently checked out to you, click "My Loans" 

On this page, you can see which items you have checked out and when they're due. If you'd like to extend the due date, click renew.


3. To see your current requests, click "My Requests"

On this page, you can see any pending requests you've submitted and the status of each request. In the example below, the requested book is ready for pickup at the Concordia University Library.

Saving Items and Searches

As you're searching in OneSearch, you can pin specific items to add them to your "Saved Items" folder. This is a great way to set aside useful resources as you research to quickly access later. 

1. When you find a resource you'd like to save, click the Pin icon

The resource will be automatically added to your "Saved Items" folder. This option is very useful when you need to keep track of numerous sources for an assignment.


2. To see all your Saved Items, either click the Pin icon at the top right of the page or click your name and select "Saved Items"


3. To save an entire search, click "Save Query" on any results page

If you notice that a certain combination of keywords or filters shows you exactly the kinds of resources you need, saving that search is a great way to keep track of what worked best in case you need to revisit those sources later on.