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OneSearch Guide

Learn how to effectively search and use the library's OneSearch tool.

Accessing and Managing Your OneSearch Account

Signing into your OneSearch account lets you manage the items you have checked out and track any current requests. You can also favorite specific items to return to later or save entire searches to quickly jump back into your research. 

1. Accessing Your OneSearch Account

Starting from the Library homepage,, click the "My Library Account" option on the right side. Select "CSP students, faculty, and staff" in the new window and then log in with your CSP email and password.

Library homepage with the My library account link hightlighted


2. Manage Your Account

On the account page, see your current loans and/or requested items. 

Library account page with options to manage current loans and requests


3. Manage Checked Out Items Under "My Loans"

Click "My Loans" to see a list of the items you have checked out. Check the due date for each item and quickly renew to extend the loan period.

OneSearch account page of current checked out items


4. Manage Current Requests

Click "My Requests" to see a list of the items you have requested from other libraries. Check the status of each request and cancel if the item is no longer needed.

OneSearch account page for current requests

Saving Items and Searches

As you search in OneSearch, pin specific items to add them to your "Saved Items" folder. This is a great way to set aside useful resources to quickly access later. 

1. Save Specific Items

Click the pin icon next to resources in OneSearch to add them to your "Saved Items" folder. Open your account menu at the top-right of the page and click "Saved Items." 

OneSearch page showing how to save specific items


2. Save a Search

Save a full search to your account by clicking the "Save Query" option near the top of the page, below the search bar. To access the saved search, open your account menu at the top-right of the page, click "Saved Items," and select "Saved Searches." 

OneSearch page showing how to save a search