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PSY 360: Psychopathology

Use this guide to help you with your PSY 360 assignments.

Help with Citations

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Use this guide to get help with APA citations and formatting: APA Citation Guide.

Research Guide for Your Major

Find Different Viewpoints

An important first step in the research process is exploring the different viewpoints on a topic, by doing preliminary research. The purpose of preliminary or exploratory research is not to find your sources but to see what is out thereLook for themes, common words or phrases, and different opinions on a topic.

Try searching for your topic in these databases to help you identify the different viewpoints on your topic.

Define Terms

Instead of using Wikipedia or Google, use these databases to find definitions of terms you don't know:

Find Peer Reviewed Articles

Use these library databases to look for peer-reviewed articles. Most databases have a check box that will allow you to select peer-reviewed. Those check boxes will limit your results to articles from peer-reviewed journals.


OneSearch is a good place to start your research. Use this search box to find books, peer-reviewed articles, videos, and more. After you search, you can use filters to narrow your search.

OneSearch Video Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to search OneSearch more effectively.