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Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the Library

As an Undergraduate/Trad student, you have access to thousands of books and articles through the CSP Library to support your classes and assignments. In the library you'll find help with research, writing papers, and IT. You can reserve study rooms, meet with a tutor, check out whiteboard markers, and more.

If you have any questions, ask a librarian--We are here to help! 

Reserve a Study Room

The library building has lots of study space, including study rooms you can use individually or with a group. Use the link below to find a single or group study room and reserve it.

You can also see the library hours, along with the hours for the different services in the library:


OneSearch is a good place to start your research. Use this search box to find books, peer-reviewed articles, videos, and more. After you search, you can use filters to narrow your search.

OneSearch Video Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to search OneSearch more effectively.

More Resources for Your Program

OneSearch will help you find many sources. However, you may need tools for your program or course. Below are a few options to help expand your searching. If you have any questions, ask a librarian

  • Research Guides provide recommendations for the best resources for programs and courses. Use the Research Guides tab to locate these guides. Many of your online courses will also include a link to a customized Library Resources/Research Guide page for your specific course.
  • Databases are online collections of searchable materials, such as articles and videos. Use the Databases tab to find a list of databases organized by subject and title. Use this list if you want to go beyond the resources found in OneSearch or narrow your search to subject-specific resources.