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AMA Citation Guide

This guide will help you with AMA Citation Style.

Images, Figures, and Tables

Images are cited based on where you found the image.

If the image/figure/table originated in a book, journal article, or entry in a database, provide the citation details for the book/article/etc. rather than cite the image individually. 

If the image/figure/table was found online, use webpage format (see below).

Reference List Format:

Author AA, Author BB. Title of page or object. Clarifying information if necessary. Title of website. Published or Updated Month Day, Year. Accessed Month Day, Year. URL.

Reference List Examples:

8. CSP Library. The writing process infographic. Concordia University, St. Paul. Updated February 10, 2021. Accessed March 11, 2021.
9. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Slide 39 – Chrome hole, nasal. Image. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Updated January 5, 1998. Accessed September 3, 2020.
10. Minnesota Department of Health. Invasive bacterial infections. 2019. Image reproduced in: Reportable invasive bacterial diseases. Minnesota Department of Public Health. Updated November 30, 2020. Accessed February 11, 2021.

If the image/figure/table lacks a title, provide a brief description (e.g.: Photograph of a girl riding a pony).