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MLA 9th Edition Citation Guide
How to Cite...

How to Cite...

The "How to Cite..." portion of the guide includes examples of citations for your works cited list and for any in-text citations. The examples are organized by format and you can use the tabs on the left to navigate them.

In MLA format, the full citations listed in the works cited list typically include the author, title, and then information about how the source is 'contained'. This can include a title of a larger work that has the author and title within it, other contributors, editions, volumes, publishers, locations, and dates.

In-text citations utilize the first entry from the full citation on the works cited page (typically the author) and a page number when appropriate. 

MLA Videos

Watch this video for more information on creating a Works Cited list in MLA.

(Video courtesy of OWL Purdue)