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CSP Library StyleGuide Standards and Best Practices

CSP Library standards and guidelines for creating LibGuides at the CSP Library.


Welcome to the CSP Library Style Guide Standards and Best Practices! This guide in conjunction with the CSP Library Blueprint/Template will help you create a well designed guide for any page for which you are creating. 

Program-Level Guide or Course-Level Guide or Topic Guide?

Program-Level Guide: 

  • Contains information, instruction, and resources students can use throughout their program or major
  • Focused on a particular major or academic program

Course-Level Guide: 

  • Created for classes that have in-depth research projects
  • Used in classes that require specific library resources or help
  • Contains instructions or help for research on particular assignments

Topic Guide: 

  • Very focused on a single topic or research skill
  • Contains information or resources that may be used across multiple classes or programs


Copy these when creating new guides.